About Emerson



Emerson Ferrell graduated from South Florida University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and taught in several schools.


He accepted Christ as the Son of God growing up, but had not surrendered his life completely until he saw the spiritual world and the reality of life after physical death.


His life changed dramatically after a visitation from the Lord and it was during this time he decided to do what was necessary to fulfill his destiny. After leaving everything behind and spending intimate time with the Lord, he read the Bible from cover to cover several times and allowed the Holy Spirit to teach him.


That process changed his life and the experiences were not well received among his peers and church friends. This resulted in his being ostracized by friends, family and employers. Nevertheless, his decision to follow Christ increased the levels of spiritual growth and angelic visitations. In 2002, Ana Méndez and Emerson were married and together formed Voice of The Light Ministries.


Emerson's ministry is formed from years of discipline and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. He operates in spiritual authority from years of fasting forty and fifty days alone with the Lord.


It has been during those times of separation, which has contributed the most to his understanding of Christ and His Kingdom. In 2006, Emerson obtained a Masters in Theology and Pastoral Ministration from The Latin University of Theology in California.


He currently ministers with his wife internationally and together they train thousands of people on the reality of the spiritual realm. Emerson is foremost a worshiper as well as an author and artist. As a prophet, the Lord is using him to advance God's Kingdom throughout the world.