The Dark Secret of G.A.O.T.U.

What are Freemasons?


What do they claim to believe?


Who do they really worship?


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Masonry professes to respect all the religious creeds with ample tolerance. 


It claims to be a universal instrument of brotherhood and benevolence; a chain of love, wisdom, and good habits which fraternize the world. 


Perhaps you, dear reader, love God with all your heart, or maybe you have undergone the marvelous experience of making Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior. 

Maybe you think that Masonry does not oppose the One True God and that you may practice your faith and frequently attend your Masonic Lodge without any consequence. 


In this book G.A.O.T.U, the Great Architect of the Universe you will learn how Freemasonry is an overt cult to satan. 


Maybe you were not directly involved in Freemasonry, but perhaps a family member or friend of yours was involved in it. This book will help you find the Truth and give you answers to many queries lurking behind this secret society so that you can help your family and friends.


Throughout this book, you will be taken through a profound and sobering study of the secrets and hidden depths of Freemasonry. 


We have meticulously researched numerous documents in order to obtain the utmost faithfulness and truthfulness underlying the conclusions stated in this book. 


Amongst the many sources of documentaries, we have based our findings on the original Manuals of the Rites of the Order, up to the 33rd degree; on the books edited by Sovereign Grand Inspector Generals from the officers of Scottish Freemasonry and on those from the Grand Orient of France; on original documents from the worldwide Masonry Conferences; on reputable historians and politicians who have seen themselves involved with the "August Association"; and on veritable Testimonies from Masons and ex-Masons who have exposed their lives so you can learn the truth. 


This is an expose in which you will discover the horrors of what Masonry is capable of, and of the extreme danger faced by those who are found among its ranks.


Unfortunately, it's not only those directly connected to the Order that endure great suffering and misfortune of every sort, but also all their descendants. I myself was a victim of very strong curses, which I did not know how to put an end to, until I discovered that their origin came from Freemasonry. 


My grandfather had been part of this organization and the evil affliction did not end when he died. There was a generational legacy that needed to be dealt with. Just like me, many, many people, more than we can imagine, are suffering the consequences of having had someone in their family who has been part of this secret society. 


This is a book that will fill you with the necessary light to open your eyes, to understand and to find the answers that will take you to full liberty. A great amount of time, courage and risk has been invested to reveal all the hidden truths recounted in all their crude. 


It is up to you to analyze and weigh them using your faculties of full reasoning, along with the fear of God, which guards every man in the principles of true Wisdom.


Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell