What is Iniquity?


How do you inherit iniquity?


Do you have Iniquity?


How do you pass it on?


Can you deal with it and get delivered?


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FRONTAL - Iniquity


For many years, God has raised me as a pioneer in a number of areas, one of them being spiritual warfare at the personal deliverance level as well as the territorial level. 


Invading these terrains and standing against the powers of darkness has allowed me to comprehend God's righteousness in a deeper way. The only force that destroys the power of the devil is the righteousness manifested on the cross of Calvary. 


This event is much greater than the simple "justification by grace" preached in most churches. Through this study, God wants us to discover the wonderful treasures hidden in Christ Jesus and, enter the fullness of life only be found through the depth and mysteries of the cross. 


God not only wants us to understand "iniquity", which is one of the greatest obstacles to possess the riches of His glory, but to be free. 


He wants us to understand that a lack of knowledge of this topic will doom us to failure and keep us bound to curses from which there is no escape. 

In His Word, God makes a specific distinction between sin and iniquity. The Church deals with the topic of sin, to some degree but almost never touches the vast problem of iniquity. 


The majority of Christians is unaware of its existence much less fight it. 


Nevertheless, iniquity is a most relevant topic in the Bible, and lack of knowledge or understanding in this area is the greatest source of failure, oppression, defeat and obstacles, which the people of God face.

Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell