The subject of Essential Oils is one that has fascinated me for a long time. Furthermore, the more familiar each of us become with their aromas and frequencies the easier it is to understand the relationship between them and our Heavenly Father.

For example, if you study creation in Genesis you will see that on the third day God separated the waters from the dry land in order that the grass, seeds, and trees could reproduce after their kind and supply man’s needs. This was all accomplished before the sun and the moon could provide the light necessary to produce the chemical exchange called “photosynthesis” needed for living creatures on the earth. 

Further study will reveal that the plants were created not only to provide life in the form of oxygen but healing in their genetic composition. God designed the perfect chemistry inside the plant to treat both the physical and mental needs of man. However, Science used the chemistry and biology of plants to create synthetic drugs to “trick” the symptoms in our bodies to stop sending signals of pain to the brain. This produces a false sense of “wellness” in the body, and the side effects of the drugs over time produces imbalances in other cells and organs.

This has produced the massive pharmaceutical industry across the planet, whose original intention was to cure diseases produced when thousands of people left the farms and moved to the cities before there were sanitary conditions implemented. The fast results from the use of synthetic drugs to relieve pain without regard for side effects have created the horrible health condition in each generation that has relied on science to solve their avaricious appetites.

Nevertheless, God in His wisdom knew this day would come and already had a solution for man’s bad choices. The power to heal belongs to our Creator, but the knowledge to choose correctly what to eat and how to live is enhanced by the use of essential oils. Every creature was designed by our Father with His power to physically withstand much more than we believe or are led to believe by those we have trusted over the years. Society functions when it is controlled by fear. Therefore, the more fear we are indoctrinated with, the easier it is to convince us of the lies that both “line the pockets” of the pharmaceutical industry and hypnotize the population into a somnambulistic (sleep-walking) society.

God has always warned His people to be diligent, or otherwise you will perish from lack of knowledge. This is the season in your life that you should heed the voice of God to change your belief and listen to the Holy Spirit. Using essential oils will both repair damaged cells and prepare them to receive a different wavelength. What does that mean?

If we understand our bodies consists of billions of cells that act as tiny batteries, which function on energy, then we are better able to visualize how we operate.

These batteries work in a divine order established by our Creator to produce peace in the organism. If the order is broken, our bodies lose the signal designed to keep it functioning properly. This is known as “dis-ease.”

In other words, our rest is disturbed because the proper frequency or vibration from God is interrupted or broken, causing us to function on such a low level that we reproduce deformed cells, which over time produces sickness in the organs.

Using essential oils either inhaling or rubbing them into the body will begin repairing the DNA of the corrupted cells. Over time healthy cells will begin to be reproduced that will operate at a higher frequency. The proper vibration attracts spiritual interaction with the Holy Spirit that is designed to train you in all areas of our consumption. This means our thoughts will be changed to desire the right things to eat and drink.

Each person is designed to fulfill his or her purpose in this physical body. Moreover, we were all given the energy to endure in order to fulfill our assignments. One reason so many die before finishing their assignments is because of the energy they expend through sickness, stress, and unbelief.  Our cells are paramount in keeping our physical life force vibrant and alive to fulfill our designs.

Each month I will be releasing a new blend of essential oils that the Holy Spirit is asking me to blend that will meet the needs of countless thousands on the planet. We will reduce the number of oils on our website to make room for this new assignment the Lord is giving me.

Please pay attention to what the Lord is saying right now in your life. He wants us to finish the race before us, but many have lost their endurance and focus. I believe the Holy Spirit is offering you an opportunity to replenish what you have lost from wrong choices and beliefs. He loves us so much.


Emerson Ferrell

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