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Welcome Beloveds

We welcome you to Voice Of The Light Ministries. Our mission is to provide materials, and news designed to be a prophetic voice in your life, and introduce people like yourself to Jesus Christ. Not an image or symbol but a real person and establish a real relationship with the Father and His Kingdom. Jesus came to forgive us for our iniquities that we might live life more abundantly. Visit our online store for Christian Paintings, Prophetic Art, and Christian Media, click here!


Who We Are

Voice of The Light Ministries is a prophetic-apostolic ministry with a mandate from God to equip the army of the Lord. Our mission is to train believers throughout the world to identify the powers of darkness and destroy them. This requires a profound understanding of the Spirit Realm. Our training focuses on the Cross of Christ as the key to understanding and experiencing the awesome Love and Power of God. In brief, our aim is to reproduce a fearless generation with the Power of the Holy Spirit, capable of securing victory for themselves and their families, while delivering cities and nations from captivity.

As a Prophetic Ministry, we help the saints of God understand the realm of the prophetic by clearly hearing the voice of God and seeing into the Spirit Realm. As an Apostolic Ministry, we have been sent to establish the designs of God, to reform and open the eyes of man to see the revelation of the Kingdom of God. As a Training Ministry with a vision to see cities and nations set free, Voice of The Light Ministries plays an important role with local churches in explosive, powerful evangelism. We believe in evangelism that demonstrates the Power of God with fruit that remains. As a Warfare Ministry, Voice of The Light has taken high-level warriors to some of the darkest places of the earth, to fight the powers and principalities that are keeping those nations in darkness. As a Prayer Ministry, Voice of The Light has taught nations strategies to take their cities for the Kingdom of God. Toward this end, we have established intercession networks around the world in such nations as the Netherlands, Mexico, Ecuador, and Brazil, among others. We are one of the voices God is using to speak to the Church. Currently, Voice of The Light Ministries serves in more than 60 nations, expanding the Kingdom of God and training a generation to make a footstool for Christ.

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