The light from God is so bright that it conceals his image, but it will enlighten you to ask the right questions of the Spirit of God so he can direct you from your attention on the material to your attention on where he is on the inside. And that’s what happens to people, they read the scriptures and they say, Jesus says He’s coming back.

He did come back to reside on the inside of you. He’s already done that. You don’t have to wait on anything else.

The hypnotized state of our belief is that we have to wait on something physical to change us spiritually, which is absolutely backwards from the design of God. He put Himself inside of you. In fact, if I was God and I wanted to hide, the first place I would go would be on the inside of human beings, because that’s the last place they look.

Blessings beloved,

Emerson Ferrell


This is only a small portion of the teaching,Seeing the Unseen”.