The consciousness of sin occurs because man recognizes that “something is missing” – “something is not right”, he is separated from the Father who made him whole. In most situations today, people who are having problems are having problems because they recognize there’s “a void inside of themselves”, “something is missing”; they don’t know what it is and all they understand is this world’s system.

So, they try to work through that void, “within the void”. You know what I mean? They don’t understand their spiritual nature, which is the “wholeness” of being connected to God: which brings back“ completeness”, “joy”, “satisfaction”, “absolute peace”.

So, when you have a void in this system, the only thing you know to do to repair it is to try to use this world’s system to fix your condition. That’s what “religion” does, that’s what the “wisdom of this world” does, that’s what all of the “politics, banking and financial institutions of this world do.”

Blessings beloved,

Emerson Ferrell

This is only a small portion of the teaching, “The Melchizedek Priesthood.