All you have to do is tell a child not to do something, and you can 99% guarantee that’s the first thing he’s going to be gravitating towards. Why is that? That’s the characteristic, that’s the makeup of this dimension, because we want what we can’t have or what we believe we can’t have.

It’s a hypnotic trance that we’re born into in this dimension that we must have what we don’t have. We must go after what we can’t hold in our physical hands. And so this whole mentality of waiting for something has come into our mentality and the way we pursue life from that mentality. And that’s why it’s so critical for us to understand that we are not flesh, but we are spirit, and there’s not anything we’re not part of.

Think about it.

Blessings beloved,

Emerson Ferrell

This is only a small portion of the teaching, “Seeing the Unseen”.