“For we are a sweet aroma of Christ to God in those who are saved and in those who are perishing. To one a stench from death to death, to the other a sweet aroma from life to life.” (2 Corinthians 2:15-16)

The characteristic of aroma plays a critical role in the formation of the earth, and how it moves God, also how it changes His perception of man. We are discovering how aroma affects the heart.

We know God is a Spirit and that He doesn’t smell the same way your physical nose smells aromas in the physical realm (example: God was pleased with Noah’s sacrifice, not because of the physical aroma, but because of the heart of thanksgiving that Noah demonstrated). If He is changing His heart because of an aroma, then it can also happen to us, because we are created after His image and likeness. If something can change our perception, it is important to know how that works. 

You must understand that the aroma Paul talks about in 2 Corinthians is the fragrance of Christ, which is this love that is emitting from you as a balanced creature (spirit, soul, and body) for you are one in Christ. When you think you are separate from Him, when you focus on this material realm as your reality, you get out of balance. You are not separate from Him.

When you start experiencing the levels of the essential oils and how they are dimensional, you will start to understand your spiritual nature.

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Blessings beloved,

Emerson Ferrell

This is only a small portion of the teaching, “Essential Oils.


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